obscene & Graf Karl pres. Héctor Oaks

Samstag, 09. März 2024 - 23:00 Uhr


Graf Karl and obscene are joining forces for a special line-up. 

For the first time in the region we proudly present you one of Europe’s most wanted techno weapons - Héctor Oaks. 

Héctor is a renowned vinyl-only techno DJ, producer, and label head of the record labels KAOS and OAKS. He is known for his exceptional mixing skills and unique style combining the contemporary with hand-picked tracks from the history of rave culture.

Héctor will be supported by Kassel’s vinyl-only legend C’est Clerc, Selector’s Club founder Roko, formerly known as Rough Rider back to back our mutual friend from Saarbrücken, Morgenstern and of course the obscene residents JVN and JONA.

Spacer Woman who is in charge of the second floor, is an exciting talent from Berlin, known for her diverse and genre-fluid sound. Her sets are energetic and captivating, filled with catchy and hard-hitting selections. She has gained recognition for her creative mixing style, which builds euphoria and tension on the dance floor. Spacer Woman’s productions showcase a blend of trance, and more recently with Middle Eastern elements, creating a unique and engaging sound.

The line-up on the second floor will be completed by the talented Lilith Suffrajitsu and Schallfabrik head Rave Dave.

Héctor Oaks
Spacer Woman
C’est Clerc
Rave Dave
Lilith Suffrajitsu

obscene & karlos <3